During the last couple of months we have been busy beavering away on various aspects of our proprietary READ. tool. While we are always developing the product, we are particularly excited about the Multi Document View that we have added into the tool. 

The Multi Document View allows READ. users to visualise multiple documents within a single view whilst managing these documents all within the interface. This is such an important addition to the tool as the “so what?” of cyber threat intelligence often lies between different documents and can only be seen if you have a tool such as READ. that allows the comparison of documents.

In addition to the graph view, we have added a number of features that allow users to manage collections of documents. Within this category of functionality there are all the features that you would expect from a standard file management approach. However, we have also added the ability for the user to specify which type of STIX entities they want to extract from each document. This functional element allows the user to really focus on specific aspects of a document being examined; accelerating the analyst cycles within a cyber investigation.

Within the wider context of the development of READ., the addition of the Multi Document View is a huge strategic step forward. It is so important as it directly supports the key mission of Elemendar and that is to allow analysts to unlock the insight buried away within text documents. 

Watch our April 22 Product Updates Video Here:

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Stewart Bertram is Elemendar’s Head of CTI with more than 15 years experience in Intelligence and Cyber Threat Intelligence in both public sector and private roles.