It’s been another busy month at Elemendar helping defence teams read, process and act on Cyber Threat Intelligence to protect us and their organisations from harm.  

Whilst we recognise that we are all doing important work, we’d also ask that you don’t let Ukraine fall from your mind. You can find ways to help here.

Elemendar News for March/April

  • New READ. CTI Analysis video!
  • READ. now has Multi-Document Analysis and more!
  • London Tech Insider Podcast
  • Paris Cyber Trade Mission 2022
  • London Tech Insider Podcast

New READ. CTI Analysis video!

If you would like to trial Elemendar’s READ. to better process your CTI, get in touch with us now. If you haven’t yet seen READ. in action, watch Stewart Bertram (Head of CTI) walk you through how its powerful features can help you in our latest video.

READ. Now has Multi-Document Analysis and more! 

March has seen significant new updates to READ. Two of the most powerful are described here:

Multi-Document Analysis

Analysts using Elemendar’s READ. can now work with multiple cyber threat intelligence reports together! This gives the user the ability to combine the extracted entities from multiple documents into a single view for further insights. READ. now also enables the user to choose which entity types are to be extracted according to their requirements. Read about how that works in Stewarts blog here

Improved API Documentation 

This month we tightened our API documentation in order to ensure users can effectively use READ. and all its functionalities. Versioned releases will be implemented this week. Similarly, our API documentation will also soon be automatically generated through our user interface as opposed to manually within a shared document. 

Paris Cyber Trade Mission 2022

Elemendar went to Paris in the sunshine. The aim of the trip was to help leading UK scaleup Cybersecurity companies to gain an understanding of the French cyber market and ecosystem. If you are interested to see how the French are doing cyber, learn about Station-F and a truly unusual cyber school (Ecole 2600) then read Tristan Palmer (Head of Growth and CMO) report here.

London Tech Insider Podcast

Earlier in March our Head of Growth and CMO also had the privilege of speaking on the London Tech Insider Podcast hosted by Neil Gibbons. The podcast discussed the cybersecurity landscape, Elemendar’s place in it and how organisations should best view and utilise the application of AI.

If you’d like one of us at Elemendar to speak on your podcast or at an event please contact us at