Since we last let you in on what’s been going on at Elemendar, Q4 has seen us sharing expertise far and wide as well as many product advancements. Continue reading to find out more…

Product Updates

We are hard at work developing new applications for AI tools in security, including: how to create reliable referencing within Large Language Model outputs, how to combine analytical techniques such as nodal analysis with AI tech and how to deploy all of this technology in a secure way. Make sure to follow us on our social media to stay up to date with product advances. 

Elemendar selected for IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator 

We are delighted to have been selected for the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator

“I am thrilled that we have been selected for the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator. This opportunity will provide us with invaluable resources and mentorship to further enhance our AI capabilities for our customers, leveraging IBM’s extensive network and secure Hyper Protect environments. We are excited to be among the 49% of the 45 startups in the accelerator that are harnessing the power of AI, and we look forward to the innovative solutions we can create for processing sensitive security and intelligence data, including confidential computing on Hyper Protect.” – CEO, Giorgos Georgopoulos.

AI In The Intelligence Cycle – A Role To Play In ‘Collection’ and ‘Analysis’ Stage?

The use of Artificial Intelligence within the role of a CTI analyst has long been in question. In our last Newsletter, we blogged about the use of AI within the first ‘direction’ phase of the well known Intelligence Cycle. Within the second phase, also known as the ‘collection’ phase, we’ve adopted a different approach for determining AI’s utility in Cyber Threat Intelligence – Read more here. After both the ‘direction’ and ‘collection’ phase is complete, the ‘analysis’ phase is next. Read how AI still provides useful functionality for an analyst during analysis. 

Photo of Stewart presenting at FIRST CTI Conference, Berlin

FIRST Cyber Threat Intelligence Conference 2023, Germany

Elemendar headed to Germany for the annual FIRST Cyber Threat Intelligence Conference where our Head of CTI Stewart K. Bertram presented on AI in the field of Cyber Intelligence. The conference itself housed several other global intelligence experts that had significant insight into trends and proactive approaches to dealing with Threat Intelligence. Read more here in our Field notes blog!

Photo of DAAA Conference panel discussion

UK Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference (DAAA)

Stewart K. Bertram Head of CTI, spoke at the UK DAAA Conference about Integrating Cyber Operations Into Deterrence Theory. DAAA’s aim is to stimulate elevated thinking and expertise in the field of Deterrence and other related topics such as assurance and conflict escalation.  

International Cyber Expo 2023 – Global Cyber Summit 

At the end of September, our Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence Stewart K. Bertram spoke at the Global Cyber Summit on AI and its use for CTI Analysts. ‘AI’ has become a buzzword, but without the correct knowledge, its adoption within security organisations can be misplaced. If you need to think about the deployment of AI within your security organisation, you can book a call with Stewart directly. 

Disinformation: Measuring The Bullsh*t-To-Truth Ratio

Despite widespread acknowledgment that disinformation is a major threat, we lack the frameworks and governance to adequately address it. Established, structured analytical frameworks would offer far more value to understand the threat in depth and take appropriate actions. Read more here where we offer a Disinformation Pyramid of Pain which could serve as a solution. 

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