At this most wonderful time of the year, we’re reflecting on everything we’ve done and said and learned over 2023. We’ve had a fantastic year in many ways, and – in the spirit of the season – would love to share them with you.

Product Developments

Our biggest enhancement to the READ. product in 2023 was our Custom Rules feature. This enables our users to fine-tune READ.’s extractions for their specific needs and it’s been a big hit. If your interest is piqued, feel free to get in touch with us!

What’s next for us? Well, we’ve been inspired by all of this year’s conferences and numerous discussions with industry experts and CISOs. That’s led us to start building a solution that bridges the gap between CTI and risk management. Watch this space for an update early in 2024.

Awards, Events, Academies

We came together with 14 other exciting startups for the Google for Startups Growth Academy. Giorgos and Syra learned and shared a lot with other founders building their businesses. They also made exciting connections with Mandiant, VirusTotal and Google itself. Events in Madrid and Paris yielded in-person insights. And most recently, Syra’s attendance at the opening of GSEC Málaga gave her some much needed time in the sun, away from the cold and wet November in the UK, as she engaged in deep discussions about our upcoming new product.

We were also selected for the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator. This means access to resources and mentorship that will enable us to innovate solutions for processing sensitive security and intelligence data, using IBM’s impressively secure Hyper Protect function. Having already learned a lot from the IBM team, we’re excited to continue down this path in the new year.

We were honoured to win a funding award from Innovate UK as part of their Combined Investor Partnerships programme. This funding will allow us to build on our READ. capability and produce targeted, AI-powered knowledge graphs. We look forward to sharing this project’s advancements with you in the coming weeks. 

Elemendar’s Expertise on the Road

We’ve taken part in numerous conferences around the world this year, but these were our favourites:

  • International Conference on Cyber Conflict (aka CyCon)

NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence hosted this excellent annual conference. The focus is cyber-defence research, and we presented our research and insights related to the human-centered assessment of automated tools. Our particular aim was to explore whether such tools can improve cyber-situational awareness. 

  • FIRST Cyber Threat Intelligence Conference

There were many novel perspectives presented at this first Cyber Threat Intelligence Conference hosted by Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). They brought to light a new way of thinking, which we deeply appreciated. Especially memorable was the overlap between cyber risk and threat presented by Collier and Doyle, an innovative framework by Kilber to analyse technology cyber threats, and various important takeaways from the overlaps between CTI and AI. A deeper dive can be found here.

  • The UK Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference (aka DAAA)

This conference, hosted by Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in conjunction with the Scottish Council on Global Affairs, was an incredible one to be part of. The content revolved around the process of escalation, and the various factors that play a dynamic role, such as strategy, asymmetry, and cyber-threat capabilities. Here’s a more detailed write-up.

Those are the big highlights of Elemendar. We hope you’ve had a fantastic 2023 as well, and are excited for 2024. With a new year will come new cyber-threat challenges, and we remain committed to helping you strengthen your security posture.