In this September Elemendar news we have:

    • READ. Launch and updates
    • CTI Doesn’t Exist In a Vacuum
    • Webtalks videos with:
      • Non-Exec Director of Elemendar, Jon Geater
      • Ben Strickson (Elemendar Machine Learning Engineer)
    • Cyber Safe Foundation, Africa- Teaching Girls Cybersec!


READ. Launch and Product Updates for September 21

Our August news included the launch of our READ. CTI processing application which a number of you have been using! For those of you that have only had a chance to test our demo, let us know if you would like an evaluation where we can showcase the updated features of READ. We also have a few changes going on behind the scenes that will soon enable you to begin using READ. for free!

See this month’s READ product updates here. (it’s faster and better)

CTI Doesn’t Exist In a Vacuum

Giorgos, our CEO shared his thoughts on an extensive scientific paper he discovered written by Giuseppe Amato, Simone Ciccarone, Pasquale Digregorio and Giuseppe Natalucci at the Bank of Italy. Giorgos highlighted the importance of interconnectedness within CTI management systems within businesses and other organisation’s. Threat intel exists to serve the needs of its security operations customers’ he said, but the real question is how does automation fit into the picture? 

Here’s how. CTI Analysts need to process several CTI documents at once, which can be very ineffective when new cyber threats are spreading fast. This is where READ. helps the Analyst by enabling teams to work on the same intel and extracting all the threat data in machine readable form more than 20X faster than the humans can do alone.

Two more Elemendar Webtalk Episodes!

This month we had the opportunity of interviewing both Ben Strickson (Machine Learning Engineer) and also the CEO of Jitsuin and Non-Exec Director of Elemendar, Jon Geater. Both episodes shed valuable insight on the Cyber Security Industry and the integral role companies play in efficiency of their CTI teams. Ben also delved into the novel areas of being a ML Engineer and how important research is when dealing with identifying the most relevant algorithms. Click on their names above to watch them now!

Cyber Safe Foundation, Africa- Teaching Girls Cybersec!

The Cyber Safe Foundation is Africa’s leading Non-Governmental Organisation that is championing a safer digital world for us all. Currently the CSF are running a series of interactive sessions on various job roles for girls interested in the cyber security sector to gain high level skills within the industry. It is always newsworthy to champion organisations equipping future generations. Check out their website to find out more, they are worth your support too!