A new week is underway and another Webtalk has settled here at Elemendar, “Research Development in AI & Insight Into Machine Learning.” This particular episode features one of Elemendar’s Machine Learning engineers, Ben Strickson

Ben gives insight into the life of an ML engineer. Often machine learners are known to focus on coding and designing ML systems, whereas Ben gives us a snippet into how ML can also be heavily focused around data research. 

Ben further explains how as there are various algorithms within machine learning that differ in speed and efficiency, it is an exciting area to test and identify amongst the team which algorithms are the most effective and accurate to be deployed into Elemendar’s READ. 

Elemendar’s READ. depends on the quality of complex deep learning based Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural-language Understanding (NLU) techniques which power our ML models and allow CTI to be extracted 20x faster than human-driven processes.

Like a number of technological advancements alongside AI, machine learning is forever evolving which is why constant research is required to stay competent within the field.