If you are a cyber analyst or a CISO in a sophisticated cybersecurity operation it’s you we have developed our AI Analyst for.

Our technology reads your incoming cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and translates it into machine-readable and actionable code in almost real-time. We know that analysts spend hours manually doing this every day. Why not let our AI analyst do it for you in seconds? Human authored natural language reports turn into usable, accurate STIX 2.0 and MITRE ATT&CK®

Our AI Analyst doesn’t need to sleep or eat, it doesn’t need to take breaks and it can read and translate CTI reports in seconds. Our technology ensures that all of your CTI is used and that threats are not missed.

A new data breach or attack happens every day, often because a new threat was warned about but not yet patched or acted on. Our AI solves this for you.

To tell our story we’ve produced these short promo videos starring our friendly robot analyst. We hope you enjoy them!

Too Much CTI?


Not Enough Cyber Analysts?


Our AI Protects You From Threats


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-Tristan Palmer

Head of Growth

Elemendar’s AI for Cyber Threat Intelligence engine reads and translates human authored CTI feeds into machine-readable and actionable data (STIX2 inc. MITRE ATT&CK™). This saves significant time and money and better protects your whole organisation from threats. Try our free trial here.