Elemendar Monthly News Mail 4 – CTI & Drinks invite 18th Sept!
August / Sept 19 – 
Freeing valuable people to do valuable work

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed we didn’t send a newsletter in August. This is because so many of us have been holidaying or in summer mode we decided to welcome you back with our mail today instead. Rules are more guidelines really and you probably wouldn’t have clambered out of your paddling pool in the garden to read this then would you?

Now we are back and as the summer draws to a close we are raring to get on toward Q4 of this extraordinary year.

First a quick reminder from us and then the news to follow.

Our AI for Cyber Threat Intelligence engine can ‘read’ and translate your incoming unstructured CTI (from web, docs, PDFs etc) into machine readable and actionable data, saving significant time and money and better protecting you from threats. 


You are cordially invited to join Elemendar and Countercraft for an informal early evening of drinks, canapes and chats at our event in London on Wednesday the 18th of September.

We will have a short talk by the head of CTI at Countercraft and the former head of cyber threats at RBS, Nahim Fazel. This is not a sales event but a chance to meet other cyber and CTI professionals and actors as well as the teams at Countercraft and Elemendar for a drink and conversation about CTI, Cyber and where we are all going.

We intend to host similar events every few months and want to encourage the development of all our companies, Cyber and CTI networks and relationships.

 Please RSVP here

We got a plug in SC Magazine! Admittedly through LORCA but every reference helps.

“On our most recent cohort we have a provider called Elemendar, it’s an AI enabled threat intelligence product, where effectively they can convert human-generated CTI into machine-readable format..”

Also  in Forbes!

Technical Progress Update (for the nuts and bolts fans)

1) We have expanded our IOC capturing by enhancing our ML components with regular expression extraction.

2) We have continued to expand the details that our NER components can extract, experimenting with different types of models and ways of combining them to get the maximum amount of information possible whilst minimising false positives.

3) We have begun preparations to work with academics at CSIT (Centre for Secure Information Technologies) who will be working on both our NER and RE NLP components.

AI and Tech News

We love this article on AI which references one of our most treasured heroes. RIP Douglas Adams. The answer will always be 42.

Distilling BERT models with spaCy

Thank you for reading and see you on Wednesday the 18th!


Tristan Palmer
Head of Growth