Sept / Oct 19

  • New Fund Pitch Deck / Pre-Seed Investment Round Closing Soon

  • Giorgos is Coming to America!

  • The DTDT Conference (the whatsthat?)

  • New Partnership with CSIT (Queens University in Belfast)

  • The Internet’s Turning 50. Come celebrate with Here East and Plexal.

  • Drinks and Canapes Were Great!

New Fund Raising Deck! Pre-Seed Raise Now Open

Are you a Cyber investor? Some of you are. Over the past months we have evolved our thinking to better articulate the scale of the opportunity we have in front of us. CTI might seem niche but so did Antivirus in the 90’s. We believe we are positioned right in the hot seat and whilst CTI is only used by 1% of organisations today (the big ones and Government agencies) it will become integral to the security of the remaining 99% in the same way Antivirus evolved. This will become a $100B+ value market and we intend to be instrumental in it. If you’d like to see the deck then please let us know.

Giorgos is Coming to America (in October)

Giorgos (our CEO / CoFounder) is representing Elemendar on a DIT sponsored trade mission to the US in October to meet a range of commercial and government related contacts. If you or your organisation are US based and you would like to meet him in person then these are the rough dates. Please get in touch.

  • NYC 14th – 22nd

  • DC / Baltimore 23rd – 25th

  • DC / Maryland / Florida (maybe) – 28th – 31st

DTDT Conference September 24th / 26th

Not a relative of R2D2. This last week we have been exhibiting and taking part in sessions at (make sure you have your teeth in properly before you try and say this) the Disruptive Technology For Defence Transformation conference in Kensington. The DTDT for short though that’s not much easier to say. We were very kindly given this opportunity by Deloitte who are working with us at LORCA and sponsoring the conference.

The DTDT writes “Key NATO nations are prioritising disruptive innovation and increasing budgets for data management and digital technologies to transform ISR; C2; the manned/unmanned/autonomous mix on land, at sea, in the air and in space; and enable Synthetic Environments to train for multi-domain operations.”

“Space” Did they say space! We’d love us to work on space stuff!  We’re already using SpaCy so we’re qualified, right?

Welcome Sean – New Partnership with CSIT (Queens University in Belfast)

Through LORCA we have a partnership with CSIT and they have introduced us to one of their engineers to work with us. Sean graduated from QUB just over a year ago with an MEng degree in Computer Science, and began working at CSIT shortly after.  Elemendar is the fifth LORCA company he has worked on and we are thrilled to have Sean on our team. Together we will be working on creating new machine learning models for our to consume natural language threat intel reports and populate STIX 2.0 structures. You can find Sean here.

The internet’s turning 50. Come celebrate with Here East and Plexal

At 10.30pm on 29 October 1969, a team led by Professor Leonard Kleinrock sent a message from a computer at the University of California (UCLA) to a computer at the Stanford Research Institute. The internet had taken its first breath. Fifty years later, we’re revisiting the original principles of the internet while forecasting what its future will look like.

As the internet enters its next wave and spreads beyond devices into every corner of our lives, we’ll ask how those principles of collaboration, knowledge-sharing and trust can be preserved. Opening with a never-been-seen-before interview with Leonard Kleinrock, we’ll also hear first-hand testimonies from some of the people who were there at the very beginning. This is one birthday party you won’t want to miss…

We held our drinks and canapes event with Countercraft at TechHub on 18th Sept

It was a great night. Nahim Fazel from Countercraft gave us a great talk / intro on CTI and customers and cyber influencers met and networked. We had an excellent caterer so the food was wonderful and we have decided to hold our next gathering on Jan 20th when everyone will be fed up of winter and looking forward to spring.

Things we enjoyed reading this month

AI in cybersecurity should be a way for skilled professionals to augment their capabilities, say NCSC. See their experts talking about this here.

Cyber War as an Intelligence Contest. A US Centric view of cyber war and intelligence.

That’s all for this month folks!