Let’s all take some deep breaths and keep one eye on a vaccine. It’s good news that there is more than one COVID vaccine coming through with seemingly very high success rates. It’s been a hard 2020 but by the end of summer 2021, we hope to be looking forward through this to the other side.

Given that almost everyone who can work remotely has been doing so, investment into cybersecurity has accelerated. Also without people dashing everywhere, it’s made the screen (or screens) in front of us our primary all day windows to the world. This has helped focus the C-Suite even more toward digital, in whatever businesses they are in. As a result, cybersecurity is moving more into the front of mind as this 50 Million Euro loss shows. Sopra Steria expects €50 million loss after Ryuk ransomware attack

Our news

We are growing and expect to have another big announcement before Christmas, but for now, it’s enough to say WE ARE HIRING!

If you are or know a Full Stack or Back-end developer who would like to work at the forefront of AI and threat intel then please get in touch or share this on https://careers.elemendar.com/
We’d love to hear from you.

What we learned from teaching our AI to read threat intelligence

Last month Giorgos, our CEO and Co-founder, gave a short presentation to the Information Security Forum Denmark chapter explaining why we are doing what we are doing and what we have been learning from it. The webinar presentation has now been published and we recommend you enjoy the full recording here ?

Recommended Read – MITRE ATT&CK Explainer by Dave Mareels of SOC.OS

We really liked this article on MITRE ATT&CK and why it’s relevant and useful to organisations of all shapes and sizes. There are in fact loads of benefits to be had by adopting the framework at the very onset of an organisation’s cyber maturity journey.

That’s all for this edition. More coming soon!