We’ve raised!

Despite 2020’s challenges, we are thrilled to announce that we have closed our first institutional funding round, led by Newable Ventures, at £680,000 (over $0.9m). It’s a privilege to receive this vote of confidence and secure the resources to bring our technology to more customers and help to make us all safer.

Our mission has never been more important and is clearer than ever: shorten the ‘worry gap’ until effective defence from new and emerging cyber threats is established, through AI and automation of processing, analysis and translation of human-authored cyber threat intel.

Giorgos (co-founder and CEO) said: “Just as importantly it’s a time to celebrate the 11 brilliant people at Elemendar who worked together all this time, through ups and downs, and made this success happen. Tristan who tirelessly kept talking to customers, Syra who grew the dev team 3x and output much more than that, Devon for amazing tech leadership, Lawrence bringing heavyweight insight to our board, Chris keeping our projects on track, Ananya showing off how our AI thinks, Margo sharing our conversations on LinkedIn and Twitter, Rita making the AI better than the human analysts it learnt from, Bharath coaxing tens of thousands of training data docs into shape to get there and Dominic for meticulous data science. Y’all rock and we will be welcoming more brilliant people alongside us soon!”

We will have some even more exciting news to share in the new year, especially for all our readers in financial services and NLP aficionados. But for now, let’s keep this short and sweet, bring Elemendar’s 2020 updates to a close and wish you all a happy, relaxing and well Christmas and New Year before we all emerge again.

See you next year!