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Cyber Security And Cyber Risk: A Delicate Relationship

In the cyberspace realm, security is a relatively new concept; risk management has been ingrained in business for much longer than security considerations have. But they both serve a similar goal, and theoretically should be seen as complementary partners in the effort to stave off cyber threats.  Instead, observers point

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Threat Intelligence: Friend or Foe in Cyber-Risk Management?

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is often criticised as behaving more like data than intelligence. When applied to cyber-risk management, that allegation isn’t wrong, but it’s ignoring the bigger picture.  Let’s first take a step back. CTI and cyber-risk management have emerged as two separate disciplines. Both have a common end

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AI in the Intelligence Cycle – Dissemination Decisions (Part 4)

The final instalment of our blog series on AI’s potential for the threat intelligence cycle is here. After all the directing, collecting, and analysing, it’s time to disseminate, or publish the insights gathered for your client.  Dissemination is the most overlooked intelligence-cycle phase. Maybe that’s because it’s the end and,

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AI in the Intelligence Cycle – Any Advantage for Analysis? (Part 3)

We’ve been busy thinking and writing about AI as applied to the four phases of the threat intelligence cycle (see our blogs on direction and collection), and it’s now time for analysis.  Can AI be a good match for what is arguably the most glamourous phase? When the Cyber Threat

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AI in the Intelligence Cycle – A Role to Play in Collection? (Part 2)

Our first blog about the use of AI in the intelligence cycle covered the cycle’s first phase, direction. AI in collection, the next phase, is our focus of discussion today.  Of all the phases, collection is easily the most routine, mechanical, or even atomic. Unlike with the direction phase, collection

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The 2 Sides of AI – Which Should the CTI Analyst Choose?

AI has become nearly a household term. Its influence has seeped into multiple areas of our lives, promising direct benefits: significantly reducing errors in daily work, increasing accuracy and precision, and giving us freedom from repetitive tasks. Let’s take a look at how AI can play a supporting role in

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Attribution in Cyber Threat Intelligence: Whodunnit?

Ever read a classic crime novel? The villain’s identity only becomes clear after a couple of plot twists and turns. Attribution in Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) sometimes feels like that kind of detective work. For the cyber-threat analyst, gathering clues and assigning responsibility for cyber-attacks to specific individuals, threat groups

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The Power Of The Pivot

“Pivoting” is an often overlooked but critical feature of the day-to-day work of a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analyst. Possibly the earliest reference to the concept is within a cornerstone work for CTI, “The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis”, with the idea elaborated in the graphic below: Fig 1: The

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