Elemendar is thrilled to have launched our new flagship AI for CTI analysis suite READ. This is the culmination of more than three years work and is a new step towards the automation of cyber threat intelligence to help Government, Law Enforcement and Corporate Cyber Defenders protect us all from damaging cyber threats.

Elemendar’s READ. application sits in an organisation’s defensive workflow using our AI to process human authored, unstructured cyber threat intel and translates it directly into machine readable / actionable code (STIX 2 & MITRE ATT&CK) which can be deployed directly into your defensive systems.

  • READ. is up to 20x faster than unaided human analysis.
  • Faster CTI analysis equals faster understanding of newly emerging threats.
  • CTI can be analysed accurately at volume, with multiple reports processed concurrently.
  • Human Analysts save critical time, processing more reports with less information overload.
  • Save costs through faster threat analysis and remediation.
  • Prevents Analyst burnout, lowering headcount pressure.

The new READ. front-end user interface allows an analyst to approve or review the automatically-suggested STIX entity categorisation before accepting it for importing into their desired tool (TIP, SIEM, SOAR etc.). This gives users complete control over the output which in turn will improve operational defenses.

Granular functionalities allow analysts the freedom to add, remove or edit entities such as attack patterns and intrusion set SDOs to the report before final output giving complete control and peace of mind.

Analyst feedback within READ. is fed back to Elemendar’s ML engine to further improve the system’s performance for the customer’s specific datasets.

As Giorgos explains (Elemendar’s Co-Founder and CEO) in our latest webtalk episode, often as humans we find it hard to trust technology, ‘intelligent’ as it may be and so it was vital that READ. is able to show users what it is doing as “Explainable AI”.

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