The TEAM – Webtalk Series Ep.4

“We need to stop thinking about security as some ‘magic thing’ or ‘luxury thought experiment’ for big companies.” – Jon Geater explains in our most recent webtalk episode. Often Cyber Security is presented as a problem for some rather than all, however this could not be further from the truth. Bad Actors are more resilient than ever and do not decide to just avoid smaller companies or supply chains due to their size, anyone can be a target.

In this episode, Jon shares his insight to the most important aspects of formulating a company or organisation’s security plans. Ensuring that the simplest of processes are not overlooked becomes key, he explains when assessing what is and may not be working. 

Jon also delves into the issues we often face whereby we have expert professionals who spend time checking if things are working in order to find the problem and create solutions. However, this is where AI and even READ. itself comes into play. By automating the mundane checking and reading of data, tech and existing systems through the use of AI, experts such as Analysts have more time to mitigate threats when they do arise. Similarly, if the only time security teams choose to respond to threats is when they are found, it is most likely too late.

The message is clear, AI won’t replace security teams, but allow them more valuable time to focus on potential threats.