We sent this mail out to our subscriber list on the 30th of May. We will be sharing these mails here every month from now on.

Welcome to our first ‘official’ Elemendar news mail.  Our monthly mail will include our news, plus links to interesting or thought-provoking articles we have read on AI, CTI, and Cybersecurity. We hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful.

Top news: We’re exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe next week, come see us at stand S110!

We have developed our ML platform to quickly ‘read’ and translate incoming expensive and time-critical CTI into machine readable and actionable data, so saving organisations costs and helping them remain safer. Like a babelfish for SIEMs!

Talented and valuable humans have better things to do than spend hours wading through PDFs and data feeds when our software can do it almost instantly for them.  Elemendar extract the signals from the noise, with human analysts or without.


Elemendar News For May

1. Come and see us at Infosecurity London next week! We have been awarded a stand by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) for winning at the Pitchfest held by the DCMS and Ernst & Young (EY) in April. Get your entry pass here:

2. We are thrilled to welcome our first Angel investors into our first ever funding round, including Jami JenkinsSven Ripper, and a former Director Cybersecurity at a Big 4. As well as that subject-matter expertise, we are excited to tap into Jami’s finance connections as a Venture Partner at Ascension Ventures, and Sven’s experience in growing start-ups. Our round is still open so, if you or someone you know might also be interested in joining them, please reply to this email to find out more.

3. We are onboarding EclecticIQ as a new customer to our AI for CTI platform!

Chris O’Brien, Director Intelligence Operations at EclecticIQ, says: “In a robust and mature CTI practice it is essential to reduce the manual work that expert analysts are required to do. This is particularly important in the triage and processing of unstructured data. That’s why EclecticIQ is excited to investigate the opportunities that Elemendar may offer our Fusion Center customers.

Elemendar’s technology has the potential to help us improve processing time and triage accuracy by capturing the STIX data modelling of our analyst team in a scalable environment. This would create a timelier and more valuable product for our customers. To that end, EclecticIQ’s Fusion Center team will be working with Elemendar to find ways we can improve our processing of supplier reports with their remarkable technology. This will only be done with the express permission of both customer and supplier – and we look forward to showing the value of this approach to the community.”

4. If you are technically minded, you might enjoy this quote on our development progress from Syra Marshall – our Co-founder and CTO:

“Recently we’ve been experimenting with hierarchical multi-task learning (HMTL). We’re super excited about the idea of training both entity recognition and relationship extraction concurrently and so losing less context as our models learn. Unfortunately, as this technique is extremely new and hasn’t been productized, we’ve hit issues with reliability and speed, but we look forward to building these ideas in to our models in the future.”

What we’ve enjoyed reading this month:

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That’s all from us for May, hopefully see you at Infosec next week and please do get in touch with us to discover more.