With an audible crackle and whoosh we are suddenly at top speed! What a May into June this has been.

  1. Infosecurity Europe

  2. LORCA

  3. US Trade Mission

  4. New Team Interns

  5. Elemendar demo is live – try it!

  6. AI and tech news and views

  7. Our SEIS raise is still open

We exhibited at Infosecurity Europe, gathered more than 100 sales leads and won admission into the biggest and best cyber accelerator in Europe at LORCA, based in the former media centre of London’s Stratford Olympic Park. Check us out! https://www.lorca.co.uk/

LORCA gives us access to amazing facilities and best-in-class scale-up advice and introductions. It’s like being in an episode of Black Mirror or Dr Who working in here, but more relevantly it means we are now positioned right in the heart of the cyber innovation on this side of the Atlantic. See photos below.

LORCA - biggest cyber accelerator in Europe
LORCA - biggest cyber accelerator in Europe
LORCA - biggest cyber accelerator in Europe

Speaking of the other side of the pond, we will also be going on a DIT trade mission with LORCA to the US East Coast in October on the hunt for some supersized US customers. If you know of anyone there that we should be talking to please hit us up.

Closer to home we welcome two machine learning interns, Alexandros and Katerina, bringing us their enthusiasm, talent and extra smarts. This is the first step in our academic collaboration with Prof Sgarbas’ group at the University of Patras, Greece, which will advance the state of the art in natural language understanding for both Elemendar and the wider community. Stay tuned for a proper introduction after their summer holidays!

Development wise, we now have a live demo for you to experiment with on our site, so that you can see for yourself how the natural language engine at the heart of Elemendar’s AI analyst works. Simply head to demo.elemendar.com and enter the URL of a cyber threat intel report. We’ll turn it into a STIX bundle and visualise it for you.

Get in touch to discuss how our AI can help you increase your ROI from your CTI. Using us as a ‘robo partner’ can make your organisation safer and more efficient at neutralising threats.

Things we have enjoyed reading this month:

1. This post by Giorgos on why we are here and why we are using AI to help valuable people use their time more resourcefully. https://www.elemendar.com/news/2019/6/24/why

2. Next is a great article on AI by James Chappell, founder of Digital Shadows, and how it might impact on us all as we work in Cyber. It’s a report on views that came out of a round table session of the Alliance of Cyber Security Executives.

3. This link is to an email newsletter by Nicolas Colin primarily about Libra the new cryptocurrency just announced by Facebook. Nicolas is the founder of The Family and I regard him and his co founders as some of the deepest thinkers and most positive investment and entrepreneur-centric business evangelists today. Nicolas and his team are inspirational to follow whether you are in business, a tech and society follower or like us driving a startup forward in leading edge technology. https://mailchi.mp/thefamily/facebooks-libra-126?e=f67fdd1a5c

Lastly our SEIS round is still open but shrinking every week, since our LORCA acceptance is valued at almost £100K of state aid! If you want in, now is the time to get in touch.