Elemendar News 9 – AI For CTI – Rita is in India and Nadia is in Space! 

March 2020 


Elemendar broadens its terrestrial and extraterrestrial horizons

– You can now use our AI for CTI engine for free with your own CTI!

Go on, use it now to read and translate your CTI into STIX 2.0 and MITRE ATT&CK™ and put the kettle on while Elemendar does the work.

  Giorgos scopes the globe, New York, San Francisco, Greece and India

  Natural Language Processing Engineer Rita, joins Elemendar.

  New Digital Content Curator Nadia, highlights cyber security threats in space!


Giorgos Goes Global 

This month our CEO Giorgos represented LORCA and Elemendar at the RSA Conference to meet global leaders in security in San Francisco! Thank you to the Department For International Trade for sponsoring! He also visited New York and visited our NLP Engineer Rita in India. That’s a 20,000 mile haul.


Time to celebrate Syra Marshall!

Our CTO Syra, visited Amsterdam to attend the prestigious Blue Tulip Awards


Welcoming Rita, our new NLP Engineer in India

Rita joined the Elemendar team marking our expansion into India, as our new Natural Language Processing Engineer! Rita grew up in Gujarat. She wanted to be a psychologist when she was very young, but she was not entirely sure about how to. so she decided to just go with the natural flow of things which led her to the study of computer engineering. Here she was intrigued by a small sub-field of computer engineering which dealt with designing algorithms. Guided by this new found affinity she pursued her masters in Algorithm Design from DAIICT in Gandhinagar, which further led her to developing systems/algorithms that deal with probability/uncertainty, aka machine learning where she now specialises in Natural language Processing. She loves to solve challenging and interesting problems in general.

When she’s away from her computers, she likes to spend her time mostly solving interesting puzzles, meditation and observing people with a cup of hot chai.

Read Rita’s abstract about her work on our Data and Entity Extraction Models here


Welcoming Nadia, our new Digital Content Creator in Space

Space, Risk and Disaster Reduction Scholar, Nadia joined the Elemendar team as our Digital Content Curator. Over the coming months Nadia will take charge of curating intriguing content on Elemendar’s and CTI / AI issues of the day. Her latest blog post covers cyber threats from space here.

 Nadia grew up in Leicester, home to the National Space Center. As a child she was interested in STEM subjects, but was discouraged from pursuing them. Through her postgraduate studies she’s rediscovered her interest about the universe. In particular, Nadia has a keen interest in understanding and identifying hazards and risks in space and how to communicate these issues to space law and policy makers. Nadia is also passionate about de-stigmatising mental ill health, promoting interfaith dialogue between faith communities and supporting refugee children. Nadia enjoys travelling, sampling new cuisines and spending time with family as well as her Elemendar family!

Tristan’s Paris Pitch  

Tristan will be hand sanitising and elbow bumping his way around in Paris this week to pitch enterprises including the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, Orange, Total and Serena at the Artificial Intelligence TechMeeting organised by Choose Paris Region. If you are in Paris, come and say hello!


Golden nuggets from the SANS 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey!

Each year SANS surveys cyber professionals and releases a very helpful and illuminating survey on the challenges around CTI today. You can read the 2020 survey results and view a webcast on them here. If you haven’t already registered, we recommend doing so as SANS is a very worthwhile project and an excellent source of cyber information. In a hurry? We’ve summarised some highlights from the survey below:

1.“With more people and more teams working collaboratively, it is even more important to have the right processes and tools in place to support CTI efforts.” Automation is critical to this.

2.”56.9% of respondents report difficulties around the “Lack of trained staff or lack of skills needed to fully utilise CTI”. Analysts are scarce.

3.”47.8% of respondents site difficulties around “Interoperability issues & Lack of automation” 

Elemendar addresses all these needs by enabling cyber analysts to process CTI much faster, more cost effectively and so better protecting against threats

Try us out now with your CTI by using our Free Trial.


Our top 3 February Cyber Security Faves  

1.This man spoofed Google’s traffic data in a charming low tech way


2. I’m a keen gardener and the dev team suggested I should read this because it’s about seeds. Sadly it’s lost on me, but if you are a data scientist they assure me that it isn’t monkeying around! 


3.And last but not least this explains just how hard it is to analyse PDF files.



That’s all for our Feb update and do check out our Free Trial.