Elemendar has had a fantastic start to the New Year with both product advancements and significant client deals. With the first quarter of the year underway, many of you will be budgeting and forecasting for the year of 2023. If you would like to learn more about how READ. could fit into your current platform or workflow, schedule a call with our team!

It’s our 6th Birthday…

It’s no secret that this year is our 6th birthday! Officially 6 years since the Elemendar co-founders Giorgos GeorgopoulosSyra Marshall and Devon Barrett were in Cheltenham at the first NCSC and GCHQ start-up accelerator back in 2017. Read our latest blog to find out where it all began!

Product updates improve NLP accuracy

Last week we deployed a new version of the core NLP engine that sits within READ. This further improves accuracy with two tactical changes that have a strategic impact on the effectiveness of READ. for end users:

  1. More accurate classification of named identities i.e., Microsoft should be an “Organisation” not “Threat Actor” (sorry GNU, CTI conventions take precedence here!)
  2. The more difficult task of first identifying a TTP (Tactic, Technique or Procedure) before matching to the specific MITRE ATT&CK framework T-code.

We went To South Korea!

Last week our Head of Cyber Threat intelligence, Stewart Bertram headed to South Korea for the UK DIT – Cyber Security Trade Mission. Stewart held a seminar on the power of structured data within CTI and on building cyber resilience. Keep an eye out for Stewarts upcoming blog regarding the trip!

What’s all this fuss about ‘Disinformation’?

Countering disinformation is rising in importance for both state and private-sector defenders. With frameworks such as DISARM bringing measurable tools to manage threat, progress is being made. In our lates blog on Analysing Disinformation: Defining the capability of a Threat we share what every defender should know about the potential strengths and flaws of assessed disinformation threat capabilities. Let us know your thoughts on our findings!

Improving Usability of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework 

The MITRE ATT&CK Framework has not only provided a basis for READ. in extracting TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures) but also a basis to categorise threat actors. However, the MITRE ATT&CK Framework’s data relies on observed threat activity. This ultimately poses a question, how accurate is the data that is fed into the Framework itself? Check out our latest blog on improving usability and effectiveness of MITRE ATT&CK as a CTI Analyst, SOC or Security Team.

Elemendar Partners With LAS on R&D for a 3rd Year!

If you are following us on LinkedIn or Twitter, you will know that we are thrilled to be industry collaborators for LAS in 2023! As a social media follower, you will be the first to know about all of Elemendar’s exciting updates. Here’s a preview of some of the activities that we will showcase throughout the year…

Elemendar has led R&D in advanced information modelling techniques to help develop modern intelligence processes. Focusing on designing tools for improving data analysis tasks, this is commonly required in cybersecurity and beyond. A highlight of this work has been to scope, design and develop a capability. This included extracting texts from technical tables contained in large document sets with commercial and open-source tools for automating tabular data extraction.

Since 2018, Elemendar has led this work with three partner organisations, Bricolage Research and Analysis Ltd (supporting research, tool testing and analysis of extracted data), Columnsoft Ltd (supporting software engineering and code development)  and ‘Simplexity Analysis (supporting PM and analysis methodologies). Over the coming months we will be pleased to release more information on this exciting work that is proving increasingly valuable to real-world intelligence problems.

Editor’s Picks

UK National Cyber Security Show – The National Cyber Security show returns to the NEC in Birmingham, UK on 25th-27th of April 2023. We look forward to meeting many of you there!

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