The Elemendar Team hope you’ve had a fantastic start to the New Year! Have a read of our latest news and product updates below…

Exciting Product Updates!

We have continued to roll out some exciting new product changes within our flagship tool READ. with the most significant one being how tables are processed within documents. Although it may seem trivial, tables are a challenge to pass within our platform. This is due to the mix of graphics and text characters. The problem this has presented is that increasingly CTI Analysts are presenting their MITRE ATT&CK patterns in table format within the reports. Clearly extracting these is a priority and we have been hard at work implementing this fix. We have rolled out the first of a number of changes designed to address this issue within the current version of READ. with further development to come.

Please do get in touch if you would like a guided tour of READ. in action!

2022 December Highlights…

At the start of December, our Head of Machine Learning Devon Barrett, alongside Ben Strickson, Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer, headed to North Carolina for the 2022 LAS Research Symposium. Elemendar’s presentation shared our research into scalable, explainable AI and Machine Learning to support CTI Analyst workflows. If you would like to learn more about Elemendar’s work with LAS, check out our latest blog post and check out Elemendar’s project synopsis video below!



Syra Marshall, our CTO, had a great time meeting up with friends old and new at the UK NCSC For Startups alumni week at the start of December. Based in Cheltenham, nostalgic moments were all around. Syra went down memory lane where both herself and Giorgos spent the first 3 months founding Elemendar. As the successor to the GCHQ/NCSC Cyber Accelerator programme where Elemendar was founded, NCSC For Startups has fostered many new and exciting opportunities for is. Elemendar look forward to continuing to support NCSC’s mission for a safer world online.

During December, our CEO Giorgos Georgopoulos and Head of CTI Stewart Bertram were invited to present a technical discussion. The meeting centered around the transformation of human readable artificial intelligence into machine readable formats such as MITRE ATT&CK and STIX 2. The Open Cybersecurity Alliance Indicator of Behavior (#IOB) meeting was hosted by Charles Frick, Principle Staff at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in California. A special thanks to Charles and the team at JHUAPL!

Click here to watch the full meeting.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to our advisors, angels and investors for their continued support. You have helped elevate Elemendar’s projects and endeavours throughout 2022. The Elemendar management team offer a huge thanks for all that you have done, you know who you are!

We also would like to thank YOU for your engagement throughout the year. Whether it was by filling out forms, reading our newsletters or watching/sharing our content! This all helps us to understand you better and what your expectations are for READ.