The Elemendar team is saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll; our thoughts are with those who also mourn.

Product Updates

  • Full STIX 2.1 support – Recently we introduced STIX 2.1 capabilities into READ. going beyond elevation to support more ways of  defining objects and relationships between objects. This provides flexible ways to write attack theories with detailed information about all the elements involved (TTPs, Campaigns, Courses of Action, Threat Actors etc).
  • Confidence Scoring – For each entity’s occurence that READ. has annotated, each will present a confidence score linked to it. The confidence score represents the accuracy of READ.’s AI to correctly satisfy the viewpoint of an analyst regarding that specific entity in the report. This ultimately gives the analyst another avenue to annotate a report whereby they can either confirm and/or reject READ.’s automated annotation by the occurrences whose scores might be lower. 

SafeHouse Global Official Sponsor!

We are happy to announce that we are an official sponsor of the Multi-Modal Warfare event by SafeHouse Global, held both in person and virtually. SafeHouse events are known throughout the industry as being at the cutting edge of cyber threat intelligence (CTI). 

Singapore and South Africa here we come!

Elemendar will be attending the UK-Singapore DEA mission which will be held in Singapore on 20-22nd September. Our CTI Analyst Ragini Gurumurthy is looking forward to meeting those attending the conference who are also interested in the capabilities of READ. and the future of Machine Learning within Cyber Security. 

We are also attending RISE South Africa with both our Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence Stewart Bertram and CTO Syra Marshall who will be leading an interactive workshop on Machine Learning and the principles of MITRE ATT&CK and STIX for those currently in or interested in cyber threat intelligence. 

Managing Stress within Cyber Security

The Cyber Threat Intelligence industry for decades has been known to house high pressure professions and therefore it comes as no surprise that many of us, especially Security Analysts and CISOs, suffer from high stress levels. Earlier this month our Head of CTI, Stewart Bertram shared his thoughts on how “smart tooling” can help to ease the workflow of an analyst. Check it out and let us know what your thoughts are.

Editors’ Picks…

For useful insight regarding cyber news, below are 3 fantastic Cyber Security News sites we think you should subscribe to – and of course feel free to drop posts from them into READ. to operationalise them as OSINT:

  1. The Hacker News 
  2. Help Net Security
  3. Bleeping Computer