We hope you are enjoying summer and staying safe wherever you may be. With in-person events reopening, the Elemendar team have been busy travelling and even met many of you these past couple of months. Here’s to that continuing! 

  • Product Updates 
  • Elemendar’s CTO Syra Marshall Speaks at Defence Disrupted Conference 2022
  • Conferences Galore: RSA and InfoSecurity Europe 
  • Team Update: Three Hellos and a Goodbye

Product Updates

Our product team has been working on some significant changes to further expand READ. and its capabilities for our users. Here are the most recent updates:

  1. Graph Editing functionality – After annotating a document, the user can now see the corresponding graph that their annotations have produced. Furthermore, the user can edit and modify the relationships between the nodes as they deem fit. 
  2. Returning the actual report text of a node – In the graph view, when a node is clicked, it is now possible to see the corresponding text from the report that is tied to that specific node. 
  3. Filtering Documents with READ. – There are now 3 filters available to shortlist documents a user would like to focus on. They may filter:
    1. By Collection: This allows the user to strictly see the documents that belong to a particular collection.
    2. By User Upload: This allows users to see who primarily uploaded any given document onto READ.
    3. By Access Type: A user can filter documents by whether they are private (for a specific user) or if public (entire team). 

Pictured: CTO & Co-Founder Syra Marshall

Elemendar’s CTO Speaks at Defence Disrupted Conference 2022! 

At the end of May our CTO Syra Marshall delivered a fantastic talk at Defence Disrupted 2022 amongst other security industry leaders. Syra focused on the challenges many security teams and analysts face; too much CTI to process with not enough time. Syra also discussed the benefits of AI in relation to saving both costs and time needed when dealing with cyber attacks. Our READ. technology, with its ability to transform CTI documents into structured data faster, helps security teams be more effective at threat-informed defence.

If you would like to get in touch with our CTO or the wider Elemendar team, please contact us

Pictured: Left to right, Stewart Bertram, Giorgos Georgopoulos and Ben Strickson

RSA Conference 2022

Our CEO Giorgos Georgopoulos and Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence Stewart Bertram attended the RSA conference in San Francisco in June. The conference was full of renowned speakers discussing national security, challenges within the cyber security community, and a call to action for security innovations.

We were most excited to hold over 30 meetings and follow-ups with top CTI vendors and national security representatives, all aligned with our vision for AI-augmented CTI… watch this space and read Stewart’s thoughts on the common key themes at the RSA conference and the future of cyber security in his latest blog

InfoSecurity Europe 2022

Held at the ExCeL centre in London, InfoSecurity 2022 was a fantastic opportunity for Syra, Stewart and Renée to connect with our UK industry friends in person. Great talks all around with a special mention to the Kudelski team that attended with whom we will be making an exciting announcement in the near future. 

Team update: Three Hellos and a Goodbye

We are delighted to welcome three talented new team members who bring their experience into the CTI industry: User Experience Lead Cameron Worsley, Junior CTI Analyst Ragini Gurumurthy and Head of Engineering & Operations Art Richards. You can already see some of Ragini’s contributions in her post about READ. usability, while Cameron and Art’s handiwork will be apparent to our users from next week’s product updates.

Finally we bid goodbye to our former Head of Growth Tristan Palmer. Tristan was the proverbial “start-up employee number 1” and so a special shoutout to you T for all you have done whilst being a part of the Elemendar team, you will be missed!

Interesting Industry Read

Recently the NCSC published a report that stated within the last 12 months, less than half of businesses had insurance to cover cyber attacks, suggesting that cyber security is still considered a cost and not an investment. This points to how vital it is to raise awareness, as many organisations are still not aware of the preventative methods to lower security attacks. To learn more on how READ. can better equip you as a CTI Analyst or Security Team, do get in touch