Slava Ukraini!

In this Elemendar update I had been looking forward to talking about how the pandemic appears to be receding and hopefully beginning a return to a new normal. Sadly, however, the unfolding, tragic events in Ukraine have replaced this with something worse. War in Europe.

I’m not sure that it’s widely understood just how crucial Ukraine is to the world’s software. It has excellent universities and almost everyone you meet was educated as a scientist or engineer, or works as one of near 250,000 developers. This Bloomberg article gives an insight into how the software industry relies on Ukraine: The Coder Supply Chain Runs Through Ukraine.

Between 2012 and 2014 I worked for a Belarusian software company and then a Ukrainian one. Both have offices and people all over the world. I have visited Minsk, Odessa, Kharkiv and Kyiv and know former colleagues, now fleeing as refugees leaving everything they had behind or staying to fight. Everyone I met in Belarus told me that they would throw off their dictator and become European. Everyone in Ukraine told me how proud they were to have done so, and how they would become a truly European country. No return to the old USSR. We hope with all our hearts that this Russian invasion, which could destabilise the whole region fails and that Ukraine’s integrity as a sovereign, European democracy is returned as soon as possible.

You can help by donating to Ukrainian relief efforts here:

Elemendar News for Feb / March

Elemendar Implements Customisable TAXII Server

Within our latest product roll-out we have implemented a customisable TAXII interface that is embedded directly inside the READ. platform. Read all about it here.

Entity Collections

Another new capability of READ. is the ability to produce ‘entity collections’. Cyber analysts often read several documents in order to understand a single threat. Until now READ. has analysed one document at a time. Allowing entity collections offers analysts pre-existing knowledge and the ability to view the graph of all combined documents in the collection. This makes it easier and faster than ever to join the dots between different threat reports.

Partner Programme now LIVE!

As industry leaders, we value collaboration that can enhance our cyber security and the industry today. Our partnership programme offers tailored technology solutions for organisational needs that can be specifically tailored to our partners even on a project basis.

If you are a Cyber Threat Intelligence vendor, an MSSP or other cyber integrator, our AI-based CTI processing capabilities could increase the value and functionality of your solutions. Register your partnership interest here!

If you would like to book a READ. demo, please get in touch.