The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed we released no news for Feb. We’ve been so busy since our successful fundraise in Dec that I sat down to write it and only then realised we were in late March already. Despite the pandemic, time is moving swiftly in cybersecurity and here at Elemendar.

STIX2.1 Update News
Our AI reads human authored, unstructured cyber threat intel and translates it into structured, machine-usable data (STIX2.0 and Mitre ATT&CK), so we were excited (as only CTI people can be) about the released specifications for the STIX2.1 update. Whilst there hasn’t been much take-up yet we expect to see organisations adopt some of the easier-to-use classifications such as ‘Infrastructure’ and “Location” soon. For example, the ‘Infrastructure’ SDO can be used to show that a company’s infrastructure is targeted or has a vulnerability, but also that malicious infrastructure set up by attackers is used to control malware or is used by malware to exfiltrate data.

You can read about this in our review of the new STIX2.1 update here, and meet our analyst Lee Jones’ much-loved tortoise “Bob”.

How To Steal a $Billion
We aren’t keen on cyber scare stories but those of us in security know the seriousness of our bad-actor opponents. We found this interview with REvil’s ‘Unknown’ actually terrifying due to the staggering amounts of money involved, and also the cold, harsh criminal calculation of the extortions. One to share with any board members still prevaricating about the seriousness of the threats that organizations face today.

Accelerators Zooming
This past month we have participated in Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab engaging with major financial institutions, the Lord Mayor of London’s cybersecurity trade mission to North America, and the NCSC Accelerator Alumni all at the same time. The feedback we are receiving is invaluable and we are embarking on numerous customer discovery, use case and implementation journeys for our READ application with cyber analysts on the front lines globally.

New Release Soon!
In our next news release we’ll be making a major technical and product announcement about our new “Analyst in the Loop” release which will make Elemendar’s READ even more useful to cyber defenders. I look forward to sharing that with you soon.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss anything we are working on in the meantime.


Tristan Palmer
CMO (Head of Growth)