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Stewart Bertram is Head of Cyber Threat intelligence here at Elemendar. With more than 15 years experience in intelligence and security, Stewart ensures that our AI maintains superior capabilities in understanding CTI. Stewart’s experience within the Cyber Threat community spans both across the private and public sector. Highlights include involvement in leading some of the early threat led penetration testing projects under the UK’s CBEST, Netherland’s TIBER and Hong Kong’s iCAST programs. Similarly, developing one of the first online training courses for CREST accredited CTI qualifications and building and running a number of enterprise level CTI teams.

Blending Threat And Risk Inside The Security Operation Center

Threat and risk are different but connected concepts. Threat indicates the motivation, capability, and intent of an adversary; risk is the likelihood of a cyber-attack multiplied by its potential impact. At the strategic level, it’s clear how the two concepts are related – specifically, the assessed threat level of an

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Escalation in Focus: The UK Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance (DAAA) Conference

This month we had the pleasure to attend and present at the UK Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance (DAAA) Conference hosted by Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in conjunction with the Scottish Council on Global Affairs. The focus was on the process of escalation – defined as: a situation, such

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Disinformation: Measuring The Bullsh*t-To-Truth Ratio

Disinformation works best when blended with a drop of truth. Consider the Philadelphia Experiment (BS) combined with degaussing technology research (truth). Or microchips in vaccines (BS) with the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (truth).  The recipe is clear: Just as a spoonful of sugar makes the microchip-laced medicine go down, if you

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AI and Disinformation – Partners in Crime or Mere Acquaintances?

Disinformation and artificial intelligence (AI) are two topics that are quickly becoming interlinked. The boss of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Jeremy Fleming, recently commented that AI could lead to an ‘explosion’ in disinformation.  Another concerning observation came from the credible Gordon Crovitz, Co-chief executive of NewsGuard: an organisation

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Memetic Hazards – Fringe Science or Disinformation Super-Weapon?

There's is a lot of talk at the moment about the future of disinformation and what changes technology will bring. Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating the conversation. But it’s not the only show in town, especially when we look to the future of disinformation.  Let’s take a look at the

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