So, here we are in Jan 2021. A new year. Please take a well deserved deep breath.

Here at Elemendar (like most of us in cyber) we are busy. Already since our successful raise in December, we have four new full-time team members. This brings us to eleven full time and sixteen in total across five countries. That’s quite a leap from the four of us who were here in Jan 2020!

Lee Jones started just before Christmas as our new CTI Analyst. Lee’s role straddles both technical and sales and his work will be instrumental in ensuring our AI for cyber threat intel delivers the accurate analysis that our cyber analyst customers expect.

Lee has already written two articles illustrating how our AI both saves significant time on incoming CTI analysis and delivers valuable new insights.

This first article demonstrates how a report that would take an analyst up to five hours (without any breaks) to process by hand is analysed using Elemendar’s AI in just 17.53 seconds! That’s a whole day of mind-bending, exhausting analysis in under 20 seconds. Imagine how much more interesting and useful work you could do in that amount of saved time, every day?

This second article, published almost on Lee’s first-day, analyses some early reports of the SolarWinds / Sunburst attack, whose ramifications are still becoming apparent now.

Hit reply and let’s see how our AI can help your workflow!

Please join us in welcoming our other new team members:

  • Chris Evett (Programme Manager) is ex MOD and other such organised places, so will ensure Elemendar’s development efforts are smoother than a polar bear on ice skates and as on-track as a bullet train to Tokyo.
  • Evans Odeh (Full Stack Engineer) is already busy stacking up Elemendar’s web-services, important for our growth and future scaling.
  • Süleyman Sümertaş (Back End Engineer) is ensuring that Elemendar’s AI works on-demand as it should for everyone.

Elemendar joins Accenture’s Fintech Innovation Lab! 
In other news, we are thrilled to be part of Accenture’s Fintech Innovation Lab. More than 400 companies applied and we are one of only 21 accepted among 5 cybersecurity peers. This lab will help us work with major financial institutions and introduce us to valuable new partners. For more details see:

Finally for this mail, please find a couple of articles we’ve found insightful this month:
ICS threat predictions for 2021 | Kaspersky ICS CERT
The nation state threat to business (

Expect new technical improvements and announcements from us in the months to come and do get in touch to find out how our AI can help you with your CTI.